Debts: All You Need To Know!

Consumption of a real day-to-day quality of anyone, be it to buy goods, products or services. In that fact, there is also the possibility of contracting living. I do not, however, think that it is costmary to think, as well as always, always are bad. It made in intelligent way, can bring economic profits to long term.

However, in the case of a lively bad, it is necessary to be attentive to financial education in order not to run or to raise debits that are difficult to remove.


What are you living?

What are you living?

There is no literal meaning of word as well as being able to be classified as obligations that someone needs to fulfill to other people, businesses and the like. He hardly restricted himself to realities of financial determination.

That is, a person or an organization may have debts to meet within various categories. I summarize, in a lively way, the “promise” that needs to be realized.


Default and debt mean the same thing?

Default and debt mean the same thing?

We will usually be confused by coming floor, but it does not mean same thing. To be endorsed does not want to, necessarily, be inadmissible. This means that a person who has a lively life, but he pays in the day, is endorsed, for nothing inadmissible. To know more, check or index your debt.

In the contrary case, some of which has a vivid and no longer pay them, is inadmissible.


Why do people go into debt?

Why do people go into debt?

There is a social structure that does not teach people to handle finances, and that is two main reasons for existing or super learning. That context makes it easy for a devotee to not remove the existing doubts as a current render, and thus, the debit grows exponentially. It is becoming increasingly convenient to be solved. Of course, we can say that people are indebted, not necessarily for the low availability of financial resources. And yes, for the absence of financial education.

Children who are not taught to deal with money, become endorsed adults. There is no lack of responsibility, most of the time there is or knowledge of the need to be ugly. I do not want, there is no logistics to apply the steps and remove the dvivid form so that it does not happen again. That is, in some cases, weights that I will acquire in a lively way, get to a financial rehabilitation to short-term, pay or That It needs to be paid in the short team, there are the new financial problems.


What are the types of lively?

In order to better understand the living functions and which way they can be relieved, it is necessary to understand that there are some categories of same. The main debts are:


This modality allows the consumer to have a maximum value of pre-approved granting hair. That is, or user will be able to use credit and make a debit tie or limit.

A practical example of this category or credit card, in which the customer can use it, or maximum availability for purchases.

No guarantee

In this type the most interest is usually high, since no security exists for lender or credit value. That is, the higher the cliffs for or grantor of borrower, the higher the rates for or applicant. An example of this category or special check (which even includes alarming juries) or even basic credit card.


With guarantee

Unlike unsecured debts, which model requires that there is a protection for or payment of debit. That is, to get credit available, it is necessary to alienate some good. Therefore, in the case of absence of payment to or creditor, which was made acquisition may have well confiscated to settle or compromise.

An example of living with collateral, and car acquisition by means of financing.


What are the biggest debts of the Brazilian?

debt problem

There are habits that are common to two Brazilians and, in some situations, it is clear that there is a counterpart of living. For example:

  • Credit card;
  • Taxes;
  • Financing

By saying that, these are not topical topics considered negative, or that they face the raising of debts as we can, in the absence of intelligent management of money.

Of course, it is necessary to be aware of the current situation and find ways of living financially healthy and sustainable.


How to pay for my living and get out of the red?

debt payment

There is no single formula to know how to get out quickly and avoid or uncontrol finance. In the end, each person has a reality and economic disposition. Thus, it is necessary to adapt to your own situation. In this way, he developed a probability of getting out of debt and in the long run, getting himself to be financially maintained. Even though there is no single way to know how to pay accumulated livelihoods, there are some steps that can help move this situation with intelligence and consistency.

Before you have to learn to save. And that doesn’t mean opening more of acquiring things that you like, but rather implementing changes of habits.


What is good and bad debt?

good and bad debt?

It is important to point out that not all of these lives should be considered bad. There are some that increase the opportunities for patrimony construction. It is important to understand how you differentiate them.

  • Good: necessary purchases and made intelligently, at times when there are resources available for obtaining;
  • Ruins: Purchases for pleasure and not for necessity, at times when there is no availability of finance for acquisition.


Debt expires?

Debt expires?

A common mistake that people make is contracting debits and failing to pay them for the belief that they expire. But in fact, what happens is that either credit loses or power to charge financial obligation through court. This means that, yet debt will be registered nonlocal has been made, but the debtor can no longer be contacted to carry out the payment and there will no longer be the ‘dirty name’ to the protection we have.

Even, it is necessary to take care to business or not, you are very weak by third parties.


When does debt prescription happen?

Thus, the prescribe after the period of 5 years is without discharge thereof. That is, past or period or debtor has the ‘clean name’. More that does not mean that or debit does not need to be paid, since it is a liability accepted by the requesting person and can not prejudice a future relationship with the institution that grants or credit.


How will you be financially organized and remove the money?

How will you be financially organized and remove the money?

In order for you to have a debit in your letter, it is essential to know what to pay as a priority. Having seen that, I could not take any time out of all the lives once. In the first place, it is advisable to make or pay debits that may be incurred in the court of service and those that have the highest taxpayers.

After that, and it is recommended that you pay as much money as minor taxpayers, and that you can develop more financial problems like passing time. For more women like this, subscribe to our newsletter not WhatsApp and receive even more free content!

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