BetMGM unveils online series schedules in Michigan and New Jersey


BetMGM unveils online series schedules in Michigan and New Jersey

BetMGM Poker posted all the details of his next series online at BetMGM Michigan and BetMGM Poker NJ. They will run from May 16-23 and each feature ten events, although times differ by location.

Both series have over $300,000 pledged in total prize pool guarantees. NJ slightly outperforms MI with $325,000 on offer versus the latter’s $315,000.

These are the latest offerings from BetMGM, in a busy year for the operator. It comes less than a month after its last series in Michigan, and barely two weeks after the launch of a new poker room in Pennsylvania.

BetMGM Poker lives in Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey!

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Michiganders treated to second set in as many months

The MI series opens with two Sunday events. First, there’s a $535 No Limit Hold’em tournament; this has a $50,000 guarantee. Running simultaneously, is a $109 NLH tournament. It’s half the price of BetMGM’s usual Sunday major MI but carries almost the same warranty: $35,000 as opposed to $40,000.

After that, there is only one event each day. They are mostly standard NLH events, with the exception of Thursday, which sees a Pot Limit Omaha tournament, and Friday, which features a Progressive Knockout.

The series concludes on the second Sunday, with what are effectively low-level and high-level main events: a $20 tournament, with $10,000 guaranteed, and a $1060 contest with $100,000 to be won.

BetMGM Michigan Series Online

Dated Event Membership
May 16 #1: $50,000 GDT 8-Max NLH $535
May 16 #2: $35,000 GDT $109 half price NLH $109
May 17 #3: $20,000 GDT 8-Max NLH $215
May 18 #4: $20,000 GDT 6-Max NLH $215
May 19 #5: $20,000 GDT 8-Max NLH $215
May 20 #6: $10,000 GDT 8-Max PLO $109
May 21 #7: $25,000 GDT 8-Max Progressive Knockout $215
May 22 #8: $25,000 GDT 6-Max NLH $215
May 23 #9: $10,000 GDT Mini-championship NLH $20
May 23 #10: $100,000 GDT 8-Max NLH $1060

Overall, it is largely similar to the first round of BetMGM MI, which was held a few weeks before. It was a hit or miss affair with several tournaments having overlays, while others comfortably topped.

It will be interesting to see if the few tweaks to buy-ins and scheduling impact the success of the series this time around.

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Simulcasts for New Jersey Players

The NJ series is very similar to the Michigan series in size and range. It starts with a $535 buy-in, $50,000 guaranteed event and ends with a $1,060 tournament, which offers a $100,000 prize pool. Other events are also duplicated with a slightly juggled running order.

However, there are some notable differences. New Jersey players have three Progressive KO tournaments to choose from, while the Michiganders have only one.

In the NJ series, all events are No Limit Hold’em tournaments while the MI series gets at least one Pot Limit Omaha tournament as variety.

BetMGM New Jersey Online Series

Dated Event Membership
May 16 #1: $50,000 GDT 8-Max NLH $535
May 16 #2: $10,000 GDT Mini 8-Max NLH $20
May 17 #3: $20,000 GDT 8-Max NLH $215
May 18 #4: $20,000 GDT 8-Max Progressive Knockout $215
May 19 #5: $20,000 GDT 6-Max Progressive Knockout $320
May 20 #6: $20,000 GDT 6-Max NLH $215
May 21 #7: $25,000 GDT 8-Max Progressive Knockout $215
May 22 #8: $25,000 GDT 6-Max NLH $215
May 23 #9: $35,000 GDT $109 half price NLH $109
May 23 #10: $100,000 GDT 8-Max NLH $1060

Players should note that there is no shared liquidity between Michigan and New Jersey — player pools are completely separate. So, although the events are presented as part of the partypoker US Network online series, the word network here is slightly misleading.

Sites that run on partypoker software share players from a given state. For example, BetMGM and Borgata recently launched poker rooms in Pennsylvania, and these two rooms share players, but there is no such pool at the interstate level.

There is no doubt that BetMGM/partypoker have their eye on future developments and are preparing for a time when they can. pool your player base between states. This is a potentially smart move because if – or when – this shared liquidity occurs, the partypoker network concept will already be well established; there will be no need for a rebranding or a major advertising campaign.

The BetMGM online series in Michigan and New Jersey begins May 16 and ends May 23.


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