Coding company WhiteHat Jr launches online music lessons in India

NEW DELHI: After empowering millions of students to master coding fundamentals around the world including India, live online coding provider WhiteHat Jr. is ready to bring the same curriculum expertise creative and personalized attention to deliver seamless delivery of online music lessons, starting with piano and guitar, its founder and CEO Karan Bajaj said on Friday.

WhiteHat Jr., acquired last year by leading electronics technology company BYJU’S for $ 300 million (around Rs 2,246 crore), introduced the 1: 1 live coding category to India and in just two years, thousands of students from over 100 countries around the world have enrolled in its coding courses.

“Music lessons are currently in beta phase and the initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We plan to offer trial music lessons starting May 28 by invitation-only, and then launch them commercially in the US and India in June after incorporating the returns. beta testing, ”Bajaj told IANS.


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“The music program will then be gradually extended to other international markets,” added Bajaj, IIM-Bangalore graduate and former CEO of Discovery Inc. South Asia.

The goal, he said, is to help children with their academic and cognitive development, within the confines of their homes amid the pandemic and the age of distance learning.

As in coding where kids learn by creating their own digital products eg animations, games and apps, WhiteHat Jr. follows the same philosophy of learning music online by creating.

“Children will learn music by creating their own songs, compositions and albums. It is important to note that no large-scale player has attempted to create their own music program. We see this as a huge opportunity to set the benchmark for online music. learn, ”Bajaj said.

There is also a four lesson “Discovery” introductory package for parents to develop their belief in their child’s interest in music.

“In this package, we use an award-winning kid-friendly audio workstation to learn the basics of music, create different forms of music like classical, rock and pop, and develop a natural curiosity for learning instruments.” , explained Bajaj.

Course fees will be similar to coding and math for 1: 1 live lessons.

Online music course teachers were carefully selected based on their performance in five important dimensions: hearing, improvisation, sight reading, music theory, and performance.

“We are in talks with a leading global music institute to introduce certification for our students, but our inherent belief is that the confidence of live performances and the creation of their own compositions as well as the transformational impact of music will far outweigh the potential benefits of a certificate providing, ”Bajaj told IANS.

He is delighted that learning the guitar and piano is now becoming accessible to millions of children around the world, giving them absolute freedom and creativity in musical creation.

Founded in 2018, WhiteHat Jr. has run 8.5 million cumulative courses worldwide to date and 11,000 teachers are currently engaged in imparting coding skills in India.

“From academic development to transforming self-esteem, learning to make music fundamentally transforms a child’s life. Studies show a remarkable increase in important character traits like courage, confidence and willpower. ‘undertake creative activities after students have had musical training,’ said Bajaj, who has written three bestselling novels: Keep Off the Grass, Johnny Gone Down and The Seeker.

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